You may have noticed that the comments are disabled on The Abbey. This might seem anti-social, especially given the nature of Substack to be a community-based platform.

The intention isn’t to shut off dialogue — the Abbey’s mission is the opposite. But here’s the thing — the hope here is to inspire you to engage with these articles in other places, not here. Leaving a comment here doesn’t achieve the goal of widening the dialogue and changing the larger conversation.

Instead of leaving a comment, if you’ve read something here that you find valuable or intriguing (or infuriating), consider sharing it with another Beatles person wherever you engage with Beatles people, with people that you know that perhaps don’t yet read the Abbey. That’s how this grows to be the narrative-shifting project that it’s intended to be.

I hope you’ll be part of reclaiming the magic of the Beatles, one share at a time.

graffiti on the gate at Strawberry Field © 2023 Faith Current

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